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Standard Rebozo
Each rebozo is constructed of polyester.

Available in: Red, Pink, Aqua, Yellow, Orange,
Purple, Lime Green, Fuchisa, Royal Blue, Pencil
Yellow, Black, Green
Standard Adult (aprox 96" Long)     
(New Price as of Feb 1, 2019)
Santa Maria Rebozo
Each rebozo is constructed of polyester.

Available in: Black, Red, Aqua, Green,
Purple, Yellow, and Royal Blue

Adult Size  (aprox 96" Long)     
Handmade Rosaries

Each Rosary in individually
handcrafted to insure the highest
quality standards. Each Rosary is
counted with the exact number of
beads, and is adorned with a metal
cross. Available in Red or Yellow.

Each Rosary is $ 31.50
Plastic Lace Folding Fans
Available in: Red, White, & Black
Standard Grade - $4.95 each
Economical Peinetas
Español Style (left)   - 7"L X 6"W
Jarocho Style (right) - 4"L X 6"W
Available in: Red, White, Brown, Black
$4.00 each (Any style)
Cameo Pins
Available in: Red, Black, Blue

Large ( 2"x1.75")     - $10.00

Small ( 1.25"x1.0")   - $5.00

Chokers (1.25" x 1.0") - Discontinued
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Veracruz Style
Yucatan Style
Filagree Folklorico

Large: $12.95 pair
Medium: $10.95 pair
Velvet Veracruz Aprons
From L-R: Dexlue, Pro-Series, Semi-Pro
Deluxe Apron (Left) $49.95 ea
Pro-Series Apron
(Center) $24.95 ea
Semi-Pro Apron
(Right) $19.95 ea
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